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Anyone Cooking Christmas Dinner In Their Cajun Cooker?

Many people are attracted to the Cajun Microwave because they are looking for something large enough to cook a whole hog.  … [Read More...]

New & Improved Plans Are Ready!

Finally!!!  It's been a "looooonnnngggg" time coming, but I finally finished my revised Cajun Microwave plans! I think you … [Read More...]

Missed Opportunity

I had big plans for cooking some chicken leg quarters in my Cajun Microwave today.  I love cooking chicken in this thing … [Read More...]

Revised Plans Coming Soon!

Yes...I'm almost there.  I know I've been saying it for months, if not over a year now...but I almost have a good, revised … [Read More...]

Pig Roaster Charcoal Pan

If you haven't seen a copy of the pig roaster plans (Cajun microwave plans), that I've been giving away, you might be unaware … [Read More...]

Cooking a Turkey In a Cajun Microwave

Cookers Built With These Plans


Building A Pig Cooker Soon

Hey Chris Haven’t got the chance to build the microwave as of yet. Just finished building a wind farm in Petersburg Nebraska. A GE project manager introduced us to your oven it was some great food. We will be leaving Nebraska and headed to Dodge City Kansas, as soon as we get there my site […]


LSU Fan’s Pig Roaster

Here are a couple of pics I just finished. Very proud of my work Haha. Thanks for the headstart!

redneck microwave

Redneck Microwave

Hi Chris Thanks for the website. So here is a picture of what has been dubbed the Redneck Microwave. I had a little help from a fabricator buddy. So he had a bunch of stainless sitting around so we lined the interior with stainless steal welded together a good stainless trough for the coals. I […]

Creativity Juices Flowing

James said: Thanks Chris,they got my creativity juices flowing. i will send pics when im finished.

Ohio Cajun Microwave

Chris Thanks for your help with the cajun cooker and Yes i got it built and ran a test fire yesterday with a pork loin. It worked Great ,,,fire held steady and meat was done in less then 3 hours no mess and no fuss. I”ll try to get you some pic. cause i did […]